About us

Hans Willebrands was born and raised in Utrecht, but my maternal nonna is far away, Italian blood. (has she ever whispered in my ear!) I will never really know for sure!
I also do not mind, it is a beautiful country to stay.
Perhaps hence the love for Italian cuisine, and Italy.
I am a professional cook and, as a chef, I have been allowed to swing the ladle in various kitchens.
Together with my wife Jacqueline I have had a catering company called "The restaurant at your home" in the south of the Netherlands.

Italy feels like coming home for me, after every vacation I was homesick for this country with its beautiful inhabitants, and delicious cucina.

Jacqueline was born and raised in Maastricht.
As a child I have often been on holiday in Italy and I cherish the fine memories.
Before we left for Italy to pursue our dream, to start a B & B, I worked as an activity supervisor in various institutions.

After searching for houses in Italy for a number of years, in the summer of 2018 the castle Piagnano came our way.

"Il nostro sogno" in Piagnano in Sassocorvaro is located in the North of Le Marche.

Since October 2018 we live in Le Marche Castello di Piagnano.

Every morning we serve you a generous and tasty breakfast buffet in our cozy dining room with regional (Bio) products.

We are ready for our guests every day.

In consultation with you, we organize, among other things, a nature walk accompanied by a guide.

You pay no extra cleaning costs with us.

It is now the right time to plan your next vacation!

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